27 Mart 2006

weekend in Dorset (2)

finally we managed to find a chance to spend another weekend in Dorset, again 14 people includes a dog.It was rainy ,we walked in the forest about 2 hours tho.Its a huge house, 3 floors 8 rooms, a big garden.Someone had a spooky idea such as to play a game which is finding someone who is supposed to hide somewhere in the house.I refused to play at the beginning, I found it silly but then when I got involved I had fun.We screamed well anyway.It was scarry guys.
we had moroccon and mexican meals.I couldnt say no and had to show my cooking skills with Aga oven ,I prepared some mezze kinda thing, some of the guys asked for the recipes hehey:).Well before I leave I spent some quality time with english friends, dunno when I am able to see them again, hopefully very soon.Thank you Pan and Tom for the lovely weekend and inviting us, thank you Adam and Zeta for driving,thank you Brooke you made me laugh, thank you Charlotte,Jess,Jeremy,Joanne,thank you Callum and Sorren you woke me up early in the morning many times but hey I can forgive you because you are still innocent..

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Anonymous Adsız dedi ki...

Saklanbaç:) Orda olabilmek istedim ... Saklanmayı ve birinin gelip beni bulmasını çok istedim.

1:16 ÖS  
Blogger Nes london-ist dedi ki...

ama ev gece perili kosk gibiydi, somine yanan oda disinda isitma yoktu, bi huysuzluk yaptim,kalkamam yerimden simdi zaten soguk diye, ama evet bi cesit saklanbac iste,kac yil olmus oynamayali,yas ortalamasi 35 , cocuk gibi koca evde kosturup durduk :)

1:23 ÖS  

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